dancing without roof

“We are passionate creatures who belong anywhere else. This is exactly what we were meant to be and exactly what we were put in this Earth to do. And how fortunate it is that we were put all at the same place and at the same time with the same passionate vision.

There is no reason to do it and to not share it. Our art that we are creating was meant to be shared and to move people. And you really see it in our shows because people go and they allow themselves to turn off their phones and really surrendered themselves to what we are producing and giving to them. And then, afterwards… you see the tears and the emotions, and the creative ideas and the thoughts that are stimulated by our art. And the conversations that goes hours into the night because of….one movement! It’s incredible stuff. What we bring to the world is very unique. And I just feel so blessed to do it.”  – Meredith Strathmeyer, founder dancer of The Wonderbound



The enormous garage doors at the Wonderbound dance studio in Denver beg any curious passersby to glance through the glass panels.

Since moving to its new location in Five Points last year, the dance company has attracted the attention of many people in the neighborhood, including homeless people.

After seeing various exchanges between artistic organisations (RedLine Gallery and Wonderbound Studio)  and the homeless community I wanted to explore what happens if you mix both worlds.

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