Exhibition at the Fuel Cafe and Denver streets

I would like to thank the NGO The Wonderbound for their great job printing the photos (31.5″ x 23.6″) of my serie “Insane”. A result of a performance I organized with dancers and homeless people the last February on the streets of Denver (CO). The result of this work is being exhibited for almost two months in the Fuel Cafe in Denver. You still can visit it there. And not for long time because the exhibition is moving to the streets of Denver! Public spaces for solidarity causes. The photos will be exhibit outside the walls of The Wonderbound in the main center of Five Points neighborhood next week.

The inauguration coincided with a fundraising event for the Contemporary Dance NGO. I would also like to express my admiration to the dancers to be so open minded and have a great attitude with all their neighbors, mainly vagabonds, who spend hours and hours walking down those streets stopping right in front of their building very attracted to their art. Is easy to see members from the Dance Organization sharing breaks with a group of homeless people out on the street while smoking some cigarettes and having nice time.

The Dance NGO is located in a very cool basement with huge windows facing the Park Av. just in front of the Denver Rescue Mission shelter and sharing block with the Saint Francis Center. I was walking down the streets of an extremely frozen Denver evening (0º Fahrenheit not Celsius!), just after having had interviews with some users of Saint Francis, when I saw those brightly windows and beautiful dancers moving and almost flying very smoothly. I couldn’t separate my fascinated face from those windows. I was cleaning the mist every five seconds. Was wonderful! The trainer laughed of my reaction and invited me to enter. Once inside, I took some shots and I kept them in my mind for the following hours. The same night, in that moment when one is between two worlds, just trespassing the border between consciousness and subconsciousness, I opened my eyes very excited and experimented the sweet taste of a great idea. I wrote it down in my note book and went back to sleep with a big smile. The note: “Performance with dancers and homeless people on the streets of Denver”. I would like to add that my idea was already a need. Is something usual to see homeless people watching with huge eyes through those windows, as I did. So I just made possible a process that was natural itself through my photography. Another example of this existent dialog between homelessness and art is the Reach Studio project from the Redline Gallery.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

Insane is just a serie of a bigger project I am working on. The idea is to show the dialog between different groups that cohabit in the block between Park Av. / Curtis St. / Arapahoe St. and 24th St. at Denver, CO. This area is formed for the two main shelters for homeless people in the city, the Redline Gallery, The Wonderbound, one of the main spots for drug dealers and Ruth, a very nice and sharp old women of 102 years old, who I had the pleasure to meet few months ago and the last neighbor that actually lives in the block with her family. She has resisted every single change in the area since more than 60 years ago. By then, more houses formed the block and also the restaurant of her parents, that was located in the intersection Park Av, Broadway and Arapahoe St, where she spent a long time working as a waitress.


All of them, artists, homeless people, workers, drug addicts /dealers and neighbors come from very different worlds, live in different social status, have different nationalities and share the same space in the city. This project pretends to document their lives from a very close and honest look, by sharing time and experiences with each one of them, making some projects possible through art and creativity. Also showing their opinions about these days and history of the neighborhood.

I love to cross visible walls and invisible borders. I believe in the close look and time shared with the people I talk about.  I enter in their shelters, in their houses, in their daily dramas and happy moments. Somehow, also in their lives and learn from their experiences and their perception of the world.

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