1st Finalist “Young Photojournalism” and “Scholarship” CLIC 2015 (Visa OFF Festival)

To be the 1st Finalist in two of the three categories makes me feel recognized and also makes me think a lot. What is that I have to improve to be the one? The idea, the subject, the edition, the quality of the photos, the geographical area that I have chosen?
I find pretty challenging to choose only 4 shots that explain a reality with a deep look, is such a tough process in terms of edition.

Dharma explains the dialog existent between two distant realities that seek each other organically in Nepal. On the one hand, the daily life of children monks in the Monastery of Khawalung in Kapaa area of Kathmandu. On the other hand, the reality of the children in the rural areas of the Himalayas, who have to work and often miss school, thus increasing the children labor rates of the country. Following the Buddhist value of the universal order, Dharma, those kids who have grown in the Monasteries, privileged ones for having received education and protection, go back to their native villages with the goal of building new schools with modern education. Then, the next generation won’t have to leave their families looking for a better future and will be able to improve the lifestyle in the mountains. A right that they never had.

Here are the photos presented:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Personally I think that one has to observe and analyze pretty well the winners of other editions and have a clear idea of what the jury of a prize is looking for. I don’t think was a problem of quality nor style but of the subject and the geographic region. I did doubt a lot about the subject. To be honest, how not to be repetitive talking about Nepal? Mainly this year. Maybe transgender was a better bet for this grant. Maybe Spain a better region to talk about. However, I recommend presenting your works to grants and scholarships as much as you can. Gives oneself consistency, setting goals and self-exigency.


Thanks to the jury, the organisation and the rest of awarded participants! CLIC 2015


1. Once a month, monks shave as as a symbol of liberation to any attachment and to reaffirm the vow they made entering at the Monastery.
2. The monks of Khawalung have Enlgish class 4 hours a week, sometimes they watch English movies with Nepali subtitles.
3. Choying Dorjee (25) is a member of Khawalung, he is going to Gisapani, a 8 hours trekking village from Kathmandu. He collaborates in an educational program for poor children.
4. Ashish (8), is from Gisapani, he doesn’t go to school because has to help his widowed dad to work on the field and at home.

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