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World Press Photo in LA

To be a witness of how American people is raising awareness through excellent photojournalism is a privilege.

Here’s some of my work for World Press Photo in collaboration with Theo Kingma current President of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which co-produces the Golden Globes. Enjoy!


Mobile World Madness

Yesterday was the first of 4 days Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and I was filming the making of about the photo shooting of 36 dreamers. They were selected by the Imagine Creative Center (San Francisco – Barcelona) to create different mobile apps and present them at the MWC16, so was a very exciting day and a big opportunity for some of them, who succeeded in the process of creating a useful app, to show it to the world.

Photographic Social Vision Foundation, with whom I am currently collaborating, created the photo shooting in the final stretch of the intense process for the dreamers to transmit the image of a future generation of creative, tech, prepared and ambitious youth to be exhibited with the making of as a part of the documentary photography Festival Docfield. Which, with the theme “Europe: Lost in Translation”, pretends to answer the question who we are. The first chapter of this big Festival is the European Human being and will take place with an exhibition of very classical 36 portraits of the dreamers along with the making of, among other events.

Frame while filming the making of

Frame while filming the making of

The photographic project was presented by Xavier Verdaguer at the Mobile World Congress yesterday afternoon with this image I took as a part of a time lapse for the final piece.

The photographic project was announced by Xavier Verdaguer at the Mobile World Congress yesterday afternoon with this image I took as a part of a time lapse for the final piece.


These weeks I have been living a thrilling process in my personal and professional life. This  second one consists in my new paid position as a Co-producer at World Press Photo. Reporting to the Senior Editor Online at the Communication Department, concretely in the Academy Partnership Programs. I collaborate to create multimedia content for publication on a website with around three million annual visitors and social media channels with an organically grown audience of more than a quarter of a million fans all over the world.  My main functions are:

  • Coordinate agendas, troubleshooting and decision-making at the online meetings
  • Design and conduct interviews
  • Co-write scripts
  • Travel
  • Shoot video / photo of workshop participants
  • Video edition and post production

world press photo

I am so grateful for having the privilege to choose the last opportunities in my career as a Producer and Visual Journalist. I chose the Agency Noor images before, and WPP Organisation now. I do it by inner resonance. Criteria that goes far beyond the logical thinking.The difference between both methods is that the first one requires to be in extreme coherence with your true self, while the second one only requires the mind. I believe is important to experience this identification with the self in your work. Is when it becomes your vocation, so you can enjoy the most of it. Like an obsessive maniac.

I couldn’t be prouder of being part of a team that defends this statement, also my living mantra:

“We inspire understanding of the world through quality photojournalism”

This philosophy is what makes possible to raise empathy all over the world. Empathy is the main force to create social consciousness. Without empathy, you are alone or you just can pretend you are not, through others. But at the end, the result will always be isolation.

And this brings me to the main value of photojournalism, the truth. Because empathy is a simple and intuitive way to share the truth.  I heard somewhere a while ago, that “the truth is what cuts us, and puts us back up, and separates the things that look the same.” The ones who choose to pretend and the ones who choose to face it. Photojournalism, which should show the truth itself, is like the genuine love, you can’t fight it off, you just can’t.

Changes are a necessary condition for new opportunities. They create unexpected situations sometimes. Have you ever felt the fear for a situation to arrive and, once the moment of facing it becomes an inevitable choice, it results to be the best thing it could ever happen? (That’s the personal part of the thrilling process) The result, deep satisfaction.


It implies a new perspective. A new level of consciousness. With the change, one is able to see from a place that couldn’t before. Et voilà! All those amazing blind opportunities from before, appear clearly right in front of you.

And then, as Socrates said:

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

S/He in Belgrade!

I’m happy to announce that today I’ll exhibit my project S/He at Kafe-knjižara Meduza in Belgrade, Serbia (9pm UTC+01)

S/he” seeks to reflect the lifestyle of transgender people in different parts of the world their passions, routines, fears, hobbies and lifestyle by capturing moments of their daily life.

Paulina (31) is one of the 9 million of LGBT Americans estimated¹. Some transgender individuals may identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual². We had a great time visiting some friends of her, driving to the top of Waimea Canyon, enjoying the views from there while smoking pot and listening 95.5 Surf radio station. This was the optimal environment to talk about her experience being a transgender in a low class neighborhood. The suffering and frustrations that she felt before showing up as a woman, but also the satisfaction and freedom of facing to the rest as she is.

Fear only exists when you avoid who you are. When you face your own fears you just discover that there’s no fear.


Kaitie (59) is a veteran. She was married and had a daughter with “his” wife, by then. They got divorced 20 years ago. Since then, she is living in the beaches of Waimea, Kauai or occupying from time to time. We had some drinks at her place while showing her crafts and sharing some of her vital experience.



¹ Surveys in the United States and across the world include questions that allow for an estimate of the size of the lesbian, gay,
  Bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population.
  National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 2009
  California Health Interview Survey, 2009
  General Social Survey, 2008
  National Survey of Family Growth 2006-2008 (Age 18-44)
  National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions 2004-2005
 ² It is not possible to make a precise the concrete number. Survey methods can also affect the willingness of respondents to  report stigmatizing identities and behaviors.


You can check it out until the 2nd of April at the Kafe-knjižara Meduza Gospodar Jevremova, Београд 11000, Serbia.

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